The Kildonan Junior Open (May 11-14) ended up being the largest sanctioned tournament in Tennis Manitoba history with 146 players — from Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and B.C. — and 313 matches!

With so many players/matches, four different venues were needed. A special thanks to George Kyler at Sargent Park Tennis Garden and Nancy Chappell-Pollack and her team at Taylor Tennis Centre for being a massive help with the tournament. Of course, the Kildonan Tennis Club was also fantastic, along with Tennis MB Hub @ Deer Lodge. Tournament Director Nash Bockstael and his staff had their hands full but did a wonderful job organizing the event. And last but definitely not least, a shout out to our officials for all their hard work. Thank you to everyone involved who helped us make history!

U9 Orange ball
Champion- Olivia Lu
Finalist- Kaili Gui

U10 Green Ball
Champion- Adam Hashmi
Finalist- Navya Chawla

BS 12
Champion- Alex Zheng
Finalist- Toju Oladokun

GS 12
Champion- Ashley Schneider
Finalist- Toni Oladokun

BS 14
Champion- Blake Fialkov
Finalist- Marcus Chang

GS 14
Champion- Liseli Banage
Finalist- Amaris Fialkov

Tier 2 U14
Champion- Viggo Mikulsen
Finalist- Tien Omelan

U14 Doubles
Champions- Dawson Reid and Matthew Kofmansky
Finalists- Noah Gwosdy and Ata Ozcirpici

BS 16
Champion- Arya Guha
Finalist- Jacob Yee

GS 16
Champion- Aurora Ling
Finalist- Jacqueline Cuthill

BS 18
Champion- Cadence Benchetrit
Finalist- Magnus Gnilo

GS 18
Champion- Aurora Ling
Finalist- Jacqueline Cuthill