The 2023 Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club Open took place May 24-28. Here are the event winners:

MS 3.5
Champion- Robert Park

Finalist- Kyle Sabourin

XD 4.5
Champions- Anders and Meagon Strome

Finalists- Kelly and Claude Deveau

WD 4.5
Champions- Kelly Deveau and Elinor Shpunt

Finalists- Meagan and Ali Strome

MD 4.5
Champions- Kennedy Campbell and Denis Marcon

Finalists- Keaton Fish and Andrew Hamm

WS 4.5
Champion- Sam Gnilo

Finalist- Kelly Deveau

MS 4.5
Champion- Andrew Hamm

Finalist- Evan Deeley

MD Open
Champions- Magnus Gnilo and Craig Hillier

Finalist- Dennis Cann and Tony Weekes

MS Open
Champion- Magnus Gnilo

Finalist- Jacob Yee