Board of Directors and Staff


President – Lillian Wong
Vice President – Dr. Muzeen Ismath
Treasurer – Paul Barre
Director – Nancy Chappell-Pollack
Director – Vinh Nguyen
Director – Ronna Cayer


Executive Director – Mark Arndt
Tournament Director/Community Development Coordinator – Nash Bockstael
Provincial Team Coaches – Jared Connell and Seif Dhaoui
Communications Manager –  Taylor Allen


The Five W’s of Tennis Manitoba

Who are we?
Tennis Manitoba is the official governing body for tennis in the province of Manitoba. We are made up of Member Clubs, the membership at these clubs, and other individual members. Each year a volunteer Board of Directors is elected from the membership to help with the planning of the Association. An Executive Director and small staff are employed to operate the various Tennis Manitoba programs and initiatives.

When did we start?
The Manitoba Lawn Tennis Association was established in 1880 when two clubs, the Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club and the Winnipeg Canoe Club, got together to help form the Association. Tennis Manitoba was incorporated in 1974.

Why are we operating?
Tennis Manitoba is committed to stimulating participation and advancement in tennis for all Manitobans.

What do we do?
Together with our members, and other partners such as Tennis Canada, the other nine Provincial Associations and Sport Manitoba, a variety of programs and services are offered to promote and develop the Sport of a Lifetime.

Where do we operate?
Although the majority of our member club facilities are in the City of Winnipeg, Tennis Manitoba also has a member club in Victoria Beach. Our goal is to offer programs in all regions of Manitoba. To view the member club listing click here.


Tennis Manitoba Privacy Statement: was created to allow us to interact with our members, stakeholders, and interested tennis enthusiasts. We collect information for no other reason then to make this communication easier. We value your privacy as much as you do and will never give, lease, sell, or share your personal information with anyone else.