Tennis Manitoba tournaments in 2022!

Tournament Director: Tennis Manitoba’s Tournament Director Iverson Guan will facilitate all adult and junior tournaments. Iverson can be contacted at

Singles Format: For adult tournaments players can enter just one singles event. Limiting players to one singles will save time on the tournament schedule. Full feed-in consolations will be included for singles events, with players losing up to the quarterfinals dropping into the consolation. A third place match will be played between the losing semifinalists. Full feed-in consolations count for rankings, whereas regular consolations (for players losing their first match) do not. When time allows, all main draw singles matches will be full best two-of-three sets and all full feed-in consolation matches will be best two-of-three sets with a final set super tiebreak.

Doubles Format: All doubles matches will be best two-of-three sets with a final set super tiebreak. Doubles draws will include regular consolations, not full feed-in.

Women’s 2.5: A women’s 2.5 singles event will be offered at all tournaments.

Manitoba Finals: As a finale to the summer season, the Manitoba Finals (Year-End Championships) will be held in September. The top eight (using the National Bank Rankings) in men’s Open, 5.0, 4.5, and 3.5 singles and top four in 2.5 and wheelchair singles, and the top four in women’s Open, 4.5, 3.5, and 2.5 singles at the conclusion of the Manitoba Open will qualify for the event. A player must compete in at least two Tennis Manitoba adult tournaments in 2018 to be eligible for the Year-End Championships.

Juniors in Adult Tournaments: Juniors are not permitted to play in 3.5 and 2.5 events. Open, 5.0 and 4.5 events are open for juniors to play in.

Entry Deadline: Registration deadline for all tournaments is five days prior to the tournament at 11:59 p.m.

Time Restrictions: No time restrictions will be permitted, except in exceptional cases. With the exception of summer junior tournaments, matches will start at 5 pm weekdays and at 9 am weekends. Consideration will be given to players who cannot make the earliest start time for an evening due to work.

Lateness Penalties: Lateness rules will be enforced. If a player is not ready to play when his/her match is called, the following penalties will be assessed.
Late 5:00 minutes or less — loss of toss plus one game
Late 5:01 – 10:00 minutes — loss of toss plus two games
Late 10:01 – 15:00 minutes — loss of toss plus three games
More than 15:00 minutes late — default
The lateness penalty clock will be started by the Referee after the match is called and a court is available and he/she judges that one or both of the players is not present or available to start the match. Leniency will be given for players coming from work for the first draw of the evening.

Policy for Late Withdrawal: Read Tennis Canada’s policy for late withdrawal and failure to complete required tournament events: Policy for Late Withdrawal

Rules of the Court: All tournaments will follow Tennis Canada’s Rules of the Court 2019.

Moving Up Rule: If a player wins three Tennis Manitoba tournaments in the same event (e.g. men’s 4.5 singles, women’s 3.5 singles) in a calendar year or wins four tournaments over the course of two consecutive calendar years, that player can’t enter that event for any Tennis Manitoba tournament in the next calendar year (if a doubles team meets this criteria, both players move up). The tournament committee can use discretion to move a player up if deemed too strong for a category.

Senior Competition: A senior tournament is included in the Tennis Manitoba schedule. The Manitoba Senior Championships will be held July 25-28 at Taylor Tennis Club.

No Service Let Rule: At Tennis Manitoba junior tournaments in 2019, service lets will not be played: if the serve hits the net and goes into the correct service box, the ball will be in play. The rule change aims to reduce disputes in junior matches, which are largely played without a chair umpire, and is consistent with the ATP Next Generation 21 & under event. The “no service let” rule will be implemented by Tennis Canada at the National Junior events this summer and will be in effect at all ITF Junior events worldwide.

Junior Nationals Criteria: Junior nationals selection criteria for Team Prairies has been adopted to eliminate the Prairie Regionals qualifying tournaments and to encourage more inter-provincial play between Manitoba and Saskatchewan players. Read the full guidelines.

Junior Playing Up Rules: For all Tennis Manitoba junior tournaments, a U10 player can play up only in the U12 and U14 divisions, and a U12 player can play up only in the U14 and U16 divisions. View the full guidelines.

Junior Tier 2: All junior tournaments will offer Tier 2 events for players with little or no tournament experience.

Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) Circuit: Junior tournaments will offer U9 co-ed singles, U10 boys’ singles and U10 girls’ singles Green-Orange Ball Circuit events. Orange progressive tennis balls will be used for U9 events, and green-dot progressive tennis balls will be used for U10 events. U9 will play pro-sets to 8 games (tiebreak at 7-7) and use three-quarter court. U10 will play best two-of-three sets with a super-tiebreak (first to 10 points, win by two) for the third set and use full court.

Tournament Schedule: View the tournament schedule.

Rogers Rankings Points Return Process: Points from 2019 and 2020 will be discarded (i.e. dropped) from the system gradually throughout 2021 and 2022.
The last results from 2019 will drop from the ranking system in June 2022. And the last results from 2020 will drop from the system in October 2022. Points will be dropped on a weekly basis. Some “drops” will include multiple weeks of past results, this will help the ranking system return to normal by the end of 2022.

Tennis Manitoba Tournament Membership

A Tennis Manitoba tournament membership card is required for players wanting to participate in sanctioned tournaments and events.

Membership Categories / Fees

The Adult and Junior memberships expire one year from the date of registration. The 1 Event membership expires after the end of the tournament that the player has registered. If the player withdraws from the tournament, there is no refund.

Members will receive a membership card within 3 weeks of completing their payment for membership registration or renewal. A temporary card can be printed from the online registration and will be honoured by participating partners immediately. A new card will be assigned after membership has been renewed each year.
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