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2018 Future Stars Circuit

The Future Stars Circuit is a Tennis Canada initiative, with players competing in U9 and U10 events. Since 2017, Future Stars events have been played at Tennis Manitoba junior tournaments. View leaderboards below.

Girls U9 Leaderboard – July 30, 2018
Boys U9 Leaderboard – July 30, 2018
Girls U10 Leaderboard – July 30, 2018
Boys U10 Leaderboard – July 30, 2018

Click on tournaments below to see how players earned Future Stars points.

2018 Taylor Jr Open
2018 Kildonan Junior Open
2018 Tuxedo Junior Open
2018 Prairie Junior Championships
2018 Deer Lodge Junior Classic

No Service Let Rule

At Tennis Manitoba junior tournaments in 2018, service lets will not be played: if the serve hits the net and goes into the correct service box, the ball will be in play. The rule change aims to reduce disputes in junior matches, which are largely played without a chair umpire, and is consistent with the ATP Next Generation 21 & under event.

The “no service let” rule will be implemented by Tennis Canada at the National Junior events this summer and will be in effect at all ITF Junior events worldwide.


Saskatchewan – Manitoba
(Team Prairies)

See the criteria below for players to represent Team Prairies at the Canadian Junior National Championships.

Key Facts

  • Prairie Regionals qualifying tournaments are eliminated.
  • Each province will host 4 tournaments within a calendar year for a total of 8.
  • ­Players will be selected based on Tennis Canada Rogers Rankings in the Age Category by the cut­off date of February, 2018 for the 2018 Indoor National Championships and July 11, 2018 for the 2018 Outdoor National Championships. Top 3 ranked players by gender in the age category between the 2 provinces will qualify.

Player Requirements

To determine the Top 3 ranked players, Team Prairies will use the following requirements:

  1. 52 week rolling calendar.
  2. Using the Tennis Canada Rogers Rankings system.
  3. To be eligible, players must play a minimum of 1 Indoor Tournament (in either Manitoba or Saskatchewan) in the past 52 weeks.
  4. To be eligible, players must play a minimum of 5 Qualifying Tournaments (in either Manitoba or Saskatchewan) out of a Total of 8 Qualifying Tournaments in the past 52 weeks (with at least one of those tournaments being in the other Prairie province).

**If a player ranked in the Top 3 declines invitation to compete in the National Championships, the next eligible player on the Rankings List will be invited UP TO THE #6 RANKING IN THAT CATEGORY


**For a player to be considered to represent Team Prairies at the National Championships who is ranked outside of the Top 6 in the age category, the following criteria apply:

  1. A player ranked in the Top 3 of the Age Category must have declined invitation to compete at the National Championships.
  2. The player seeking consideration must apply for SPECIAL EXEMPTION to the Technical Director/Provincial Coach of their Province no later than 15 days prior to the cut­off date for that National Championships Ranking Deadline (ex: for 2018 Outdoor National Championships the deadline for application for Special Exemption would be June 26, 2018).
  3. Application for SPECIAL EXEMPTION must be made in writing citing all reasons for not meeting the above requirements and include all necessary doctor’s notes etc…(possible reasons for Special Exemption would be injury, illness or possibly competing in other countries).

**It should be noted that BOTH Tennis Manitoba and Tennis Saskatchewan would have to accept a player’s application for Special Exemption and that it would be a RARE case that a player would be accepted as the qualification requirements are minimal.

Tournament Points Awarded

Each province will host one tournament which will have a greater point value:

Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan Junior Indoor Open, Regina, January 19 – 21, 2018
Manitoba: Prairie Junior Championships, Taylor Tennis Club, July 3 – 6, 2018

The remaining 6 tournaments between the provinces will have equal associated values.

Reason For Change

  1. This change in format has been made to eliminate the increasingly undesired Prairie Regionals qualifying tournaments which are costly and frequently cancelled or changed due to low entries
  2. The new system allows for travel flexibility
  3. Promotes inter-provincial play thus providing player variety

2018 Schedule:

January 4 – 7          Taylor Junior Open, Taylor Tennis Club, Winnipeg, MB
January 19 – 21       Saskatchewan Junior Indoor Open, Regina, SK
February 2 – 4         Lakewood Junior Indoor Open, Saskatoon, SK
May 10 – 13              Kildonan Junior Open, Kildonan Tennis Club, Winnipeg, MB
May 25 – 27              Saskatchewan Junior Open, Riverside Tennis Club, Saskatoon, SK
May 31 – June 3       Tuxedo Junior Open, Tuxedo Tennis Club, Winnipeg, MB
June 8 – 10                Lakeshore Junior Open, Lakeshore Tennis Club, Regina, SK
July 3 – 6                   Prairie Junior Championships, Taylor Tennis Club, Winnipeg, MB

Outdoor Nationals rankings cutoff/selection: July 11, 2018

Age Group Eligibility

Tennis Canada and our Provincial Tennis Association partners currently use the calendar year to determine age group eligibility for sanctioned national and provincial events.  Read more

“Playing Up” Rules for Junior Tournaments

View “playing up” rules for Tennis Manitoba junior tournaments:

U10 players: only be allowed to compete in the U10, U12 and U14 categories
U12 players: only be allowed to compete in the U12, U14 and U16 categories
It has also been agreed that each province will have an “exception clause” to this recommendation which will allow players who have demonstrated results in top provincial or national level events to compete in more than two age groups above.

Exceptional Player Clause (for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)

U10s: if they qualify on their own merit for U14 Nationals or are meeting the published performance levels for 2nd year U10 Players (see below), then they can compete in U16 events.

U12s: if they qualify for the U16 Nationals on their own merit or are meeting the published performance standards for 2nd Year U12 players then they can compete in U18 event.

Read the full guidelines.