Tennis Manitoba member clubs are managing the COVID-19 situation well. Most have leagues, organized play and lessons in place. However, most are not ready yet to host any TMB sanctioned tournaments or events.

“This makes the future of return to tournament play uncertain,” said Mark Arndt, Tennis Manitoba executive director.

“With Tennis Canada planning to lift the pause on Rogers Rankings on July 16, 2020, our initial plan was to run two sanctioned adult tournaments and two sanctioned junior tournaments in August/September. We have one club that is ready to open for competition, Sargent Park, and we are currently in the planning stages with them. Until the clubs are comfortable, we won’t be unable to host any competitions at those venues which makes us limited in how many events we can host.”

Our junior tournament schedule is connected to Tennis Saskatchewan as we share positions at indoor and outdoor nationals. This makes staging junior tournaments challenging as both provinces need to be on the same level. Both associations are currently working on a modified tournament schedule.

Tennis Canada has cancelled all nationals competitions for 2020.

In the meantime, there are opportunities for non-sanctioned, competitive tournaments in the province. We encourage you to check the websites of member clubs for lists of activities. It’s important to understand those events are independent of Tennis Manitoba and not sanctioned by the association.