On January 13th, Tennis Manitoba unveiled a new primary
logo (on the left) and a secondary logo.

Tennis Manitoba recently introduced its new logos for 2014 and beyond.

“It was time to go in a new direction with our logo” stated Mark Arndt, Executive Director of Tennis Manitoba.

“Our previous logo served us well but with exciting times in front of us we needed to update our look to reflect the changes going on at Tennis Manitoba. We’ve introduced the new Manitoba Team Tennis League in 2013 where a junior component will be added in 2014, the junior provincial team is up and running once again, a membership card with benefits is rolling out, a new website is currently being constructed and we’re making in roads with Community Center and school programming.” 
Arndt went on to add “the new logos are simple, clean and will work well for the association, especially on the tMB apparel line that will be launched in the near future.”