We’d all love to be outside, going about our daily lives and getting ready for the tennis season, but that’s not the hand we’ve been dealt. For everyone’s health and safety, it’s important to stay home, wash your hands and respect the social distancing rules.

But during this time, there are still things you can do at home to improve your tennis game. Tennis Manitoba coach Jared Connell said all tennis players are in the same boat and this challenge presents an opportunity to progress physically and mentally.

“Rest and recuperation are great opportunities for tennis players in this situation. Tennis is a 12 month per year sport so even though this is an ill-timed break, it is a break EVERYONE has to take so it will be critical to be fully ready to go once we all get the green light,” Connell said.

“To get out and hit the ball a bit and keep up ball skills, using a wall is a great training tool and, of course, maintains social distance. Most of the top players of today and the past credit wall exercises with helping them improve ball control, set-up and there can definitely be a mental toughness developed from playing an opponent who NEVER misses!”

You can no longer go to the gym, but Connell said there are still ways you can stay in shape.

“I personally feel getting outside, in general, is very important but getting in outdoor runs or bike rides for cardio is great. Yoga is also great to do at home. The flexibility is great, but mental focus and breathing are huge benefits. There are many options online for these things.”

Check out the videos below for some tennis drills you can do at home.

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