The Tennis Manitoba Hub Classic took place June 15-18 at the TMB Hub @ Deer Lodge. Here are the event winners:

MS Open
Champion- Aleksandar Petrovic
Finalist- Marcello Audino

MS 4.5
Champion- Gavin Ortiz
Finalist- Edison Mino

WS 4.5
Champion- Samantha Gnilo
Finalist- Kelly Deveau

MD 4.5
Champions- Krishiv Shukla and Sneh Vyas
Finalists- Patrick Robichaud and Maxime Marengere

XD 4.5
Champions- Yelena Travica and Sneh Vyas
Finalists- Vlado Drakul and Laura Lesyk

MS 3.5
Champion- Kris Rosolowich
Finalist- James Neufeld