The 2023 Manitoba Clay Court Championships took place June 21-15 at Taylor Tennis Centre. Here are the event winners:

MS Open
Champion- Aleksandar Petrovic
Finalist- Patrick Robichaud

MD Open
Champions- Marcello Audino and Magnus Gnilo
Finalists- Hlib Bohach and Cale Gnilo(couldn’t get picture of these two)

MS 4.5
Champion- Kennedy Campbell
Finalist- Heath Vermette

WS 4.5
Champion- Mariya Gedz
Finalist- Samantha Gnilo

MD 4.5
Champions- Heath Vermette and Marc Lloyd
Finalists- Rich Danis and Denis Marcon

XD 4.5
Champions- Kelly Deveau and Marc Lloyd
Finalists- Spencer Gale-Reimer and Heath Vermette

MS 3.5
Champion- Kris Rosolowich
Finalist- Vlado Drakul