Above photo: Monika Popovic. Photo courtesy of Karl Mendoza at www.kamera8studios.ca.

Ana Clara Gusmini competed in the U18 Outdoor Rogers Juniors Nationals, held August 15-20 in Mississauga, Ontario. Listed below is the Manitoba representation at the remaining Outdoor Rogers Junior Nationals this summer.

U16 August 22-27 in Gatineau, Quebec: Reece Carter, Monika Popovic
U12 August 22-28 in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec: Fiona Mullins, Daniel Mullins (coach Alex Lesiuk)
U14 August 28-September 3 in Mont-Tremblant: Reece Carter, Fiona Mullins, Marcello Audino, Stefan Barre (coach Jared Connell)