In matches Tuesday night at the Manitoba Finals, Kevin Kylar meets Marcello Audino for the men’s Open title at Sargent Park Tennis Garden, Cory Richter plays Jeffrey Friesen in the men’s 4.5 final at Tuxedo Tennis Club, and Peter Reimer meets Craig Hillier for the men’s 3.5 title at Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club.

In events played this past weekend, Ana Barbosa captured the women’s Open title (finalist Samantha Lee) at Sargent Park Tennis Garden, Michaela Burley won the women’s 3.5 (finalist Maribelle Pangan) at Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club, James Bernus won the wheelchair event (finalist Jason Betker) at WLTC, and Gavin Ortiz won the men’s 2.5 (finalist Kapil Vyas) at Tuxedo Tennis Club.

In events played September 8-11 at Deer Lodge Tennis Club, Deborah Hogland captured the women’s 2.5 title (finalist Tetyana Kim), Shirley Blanca won the women’s 4.5 (finalist Joanna Forbes) and Stefan Barre won the men’s 5.0 (finalist Noel Pe).