Thank You for your patience during this challenging Covid-19 pandemic related time.  Tennis Canada will be going ahead with 2021 Outdoor Junior Nationals.  At the present time we are still waiting for additional information from Tennis Canada (format, coaching, accommodation, etc.).  We will forward additional information to players once received from Tennis Canada.

The 2021 Outdoor Fischer Junior Nationals will be held on the following dates and locations (providing Provincial health and travel restrictions allow at the time).

  • U12 Junior Nationals: September 12-18, Carrefour Multisports, Laval, QC
  • U16 Junior Nationals: September 12-17, TBD
  • U14 Junior Nationals: September 19-25, Carrefour Multisport, Laval, QC
  • U18 Junior Nationals: September 19-24. TBD

Further details regarding the Fischer Outdoor Junior Nationals will be released over the coming weeks.

Saskatchewan & Manitoba = Team Prairies

For all Junior Nationals, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have 3 spots combined (for each age group and gender. Example: U12 – 3 boys and 3 girls, same for U14, U16, and U18).

Qualifying Format for Players from Team Prairies
Two national qualifying tournaments will be held in August 2021. The tournaments are closed to players that are not living in SK or MB. The two tournaments are as follows:

August 20 – 22           Riverside Badminton and Tennis Club         Saskatoon

August 27 – 29           Tennis Manitoba Hub @ Deer Lodge            Winnipeg

Results from both qualifying tournaments will determine which players qualify for Nationals. Previous Rogers Rankings points will not be used to determine who qualifies.   Rogers Ranking points will only be used to determine seedings for these two qualifying events.

There will not be a doubles category.


(Singles Points Only)

 Finish                    Point Total

Winner                     100

2nd Place                  60

3rd Place                   36

4th Place                   22

5th                              13

6th                                               8

7th                                5

8th                                2


3rd and 4th Place Matches will be played in all singles events

Consolation (Feed-In when necessary) Events will be played

Top three (3) players in the final standings in each age group / gender will qualify for Junior Nationals.



If two or more players should have the same number of points and the number of national spots will not permit all players to participate in the event, the tie(s) will be broken by the following criteria:

1st Criteria

If two (2) players are tied with the same number of points, the tie is broken as follows:

The head-to-head results of the two players.

If three (3) players are tied with the same number of points, the tie is broken as follows:

  1. The percentage of sets won of sets played against all other players in the group (i.e. total sets won divided by total sets played).  If still tied
  2. If, after this calculation, only two (2) players remain tied, the result of the head-to-head match played between the two (2) players will be used to break the tie.  If still tied

iii.       The percentage of games won of games played against all players in the group (i.e., total games won divided by total games played).

  1. If, after this calculation, only two players remain tied, the result of the head-to-head match(es) played between the two (2) players will be used to break the tie.
  2. If, after this, there are still players that remain tied, the 2nd Criteria will come in to effect (please see below).

In applying the tie-break procedures above, the results of the matches involving a match default or a retirement shall be used in determining the percentage of sets and games won.  When a player retires or is defaulted from a match for a violation involving dress or punctuality, the full score shall be recorded.  Example: Player A leads by 6-1, 2-0 when Player B must retire.  Player A’s victory shall be recorded as 6-1, 6-0.  A walkover a default or punctuality counts as a straight set win or less for the players involved in the match (6-0, 6-0).

If both players are late but arrive at different times, the penalty accrues to ach from the moment at which the penalty clock is started.  For example, if Player A arrives 4:00 minutes late and Player B arrives 12:00 minutes late, Player B loses the toss and the match commences with a score of 3 to 1 in favour of Play A.

If both players are more than 15:00 minutes late the Referee will normally default both players. In all cases, the “official clock” will be that of the Referee.

2nd Criteria    –         Best result in the Qualifying Events


A player who does not meet the Qualification criteria and is seeking consideration must apply for an EXEMPTION to the Team Prairies Selection Committee by August 16, 2021.

Application for EXEMPTION must be made in writing to the Provincial Tennis Association Office where the athlete resides citing all reasons for not meeting the minimum qualification requirements and include all necessary doctor’s notes etc.…(possible reasons for Special Exemption may include injury, illness, national team requirements, ITF tournament circuit participation, and/or other valid reasons).

**        Players who are part of a Tennis Canada NTC (National Training Centre) or Tennis Canada National Team member with a Top 3 Rogers Ranking (within the Prairie Region) in any given category will be considered for exemption even if they do not meet the FULL Team Prairies Selection Criteria

Both Tennis Manitoba and Tennis Saskatchewan would have to accept a player’s Exemption request and that it would be a rare case that a player would be accepted as the qualification requirements are minimal.


Manitoba players will also need to meet the following additional criteria:

  1. All athletes must maintain a permanent residence in the province of Manitoba as evidenced by a valid Manitoba Health Card.  Students attending school out of province are eligible to participate, however they must still meet the above mentioned residence criteria.
  2. All athletes must be in good standing with Tennis Manitoba.

If players participate in the National Qualifying Tournaments and qualify for Nationals, they will be expected to participate in the National Championships.

Players who have no intention of attending Nationals are respectfully asked not to participate in these two events.

Regional Qualification Registration & Fees

On-line registration will be set up and posted as soon as possible.  Registration Fee for each Qualifying Tournament will be $50.00 / event.

If you have questions, please contact me by phone at 204.925.5660 or by email:


Thank you,


2021 Nationals Selection – Prairie Qualifiers