Above photo: Heath Vermette at the 2017 Manitoba Clay Court Championships. Photo courtesy of Karl Mendoza at www.kamera8studios.ca.

The Tennis Manitoba outdoor season will start with the Kildonan Junior Open (May 10-13) and the WLTC Open (May 23-27). Among the changes to tournaments in 2018 are:

Singles Format: For adult tournaments players can enter just one singles event. With the growing number of players in tournaments, limiting players to one singles will help to complete events in a timely manner.

Feed-In Consolations: Full feed-in consolations will be included for singles events at all adult tournaments, with players losing up to the quarterfinals dropping into the consolation. A third place match will be played between the losing semifinalists. Full feed-in consolations count for rankings, whereas consolations for players only losing their first match do not.

Women’s 2.5: A women’s 2.5 singles event will be offered at all tournaments.

No Service Let Rule: At junior tournaments, service lets will not be played: if the serve hits the net and goes into the correct service box, the ball will be in play. The rule change aims to reduce disputes in junior matches, which are largely played without a chair umpire, and is consistent with the ATP Next Generation 21 & under event. The “no service let” rule will be implemented by Tennis Canada at the National Junior events this summer and will be in effect at all ITF Junior events worldwide.

View the Tennis Manitoba tournament policies for 2018: