In order to represent Manitoba as a member of Team Prairies at the Rogers Junior National Championships, a junior must be a Canadian citizen and/or permanent resident of Manitoba. Students attending school out of province are eligible assuming they meet the residence criteria.

In addition, a junior must be in good standing with Tennis Manitoba, any other Canadian provincial tennis association and Tennis Canada (membership, financial, discipline, etc.).

Process and Policy
Tennis Manitoba’s (TM) Junior Nationals selection process and policy is designed to foster a competitive TM points race to put forward a team of juniors that competitively best represents Manitoba and supports participation in TM sanctioned junior tournaments. It leads toward the selection of the top three juniors of each gender and age category to compete with Saskatchewan in a Prairies Qualifier (Regionals) for the three spots in each gender and age category available to Team Prairies. TM’s top three are determined by TM sanctioned junior tournament accumulated results and subsequent rankings (which are based on TM’s ongoing fifty-two week ranking system and a “Best N” formulation; see https://tennismanitoba.com/tournaments/junior_tour.html#rank) and respective commitment in writing prior to Regionals to participate in Nationals should they earn a spot.

If a junior who is within TM’s top three does not desire to participate at the Nationals and subsequently is not allowed to participate in Regionals competition, the opportunity is then passed to the junior holding the fourth ranking position.

The junior holding the third position to compete in Regionals may be challenged for that position by a junior granted a wildcard. Wildcards are granted only for extraordinary circumstances. If a junior desires to compete for a Nationals spot and has extraordinary circumstances such that they were not able to participate in sufficient TM sanctioned junior tournaments within their desired age category and/or has a competitive justification for the request, they must notify TM of these in writing thirty (30) days prior to Regionals to be considered for a wildcard.

TM reserves the right to make reasonable discretionary decisions toward the goals of and in concert with the policy regarding issues unforeseen within the policy as it currently stands.

Policy updates and TM sanctioned junior tournament schedule and results will be posted at Tennis Manitoba Junior Tour.