It’s official: Tennis Manitoba has finalized its provincial team roster.

Squad A
Stefan Barre
Volodymyr Gurenko
Aurora Ling
Jeslyn Peng
Andrea Oros
Michael Hwang

Squad B
Sarah Li
Andrew Earl
Bruno Van Bewer
Kabeer Grewal
Nathan Strauss
Mitch Pollack
Gabby Rzeszutek
Sneh Viyas

Squad C
Evan Deeley
Bodin Senkowsky
Sevda Marzban
Nitta Brochet

The 20-week indoor program starts on October 15 . The program is designed to further develop Manitoba’s premier tennis players along with up and coming athletes identified to have strong potential for participation in future competitions including the 2022 Canada Summer Games. This program is intended to supplement and compliment the player’s current tennis activity. An 8-week outdoor component is scheduled for May 2021.

Some program highlights:
● The team will have 3 groupings – Squad A, Squad B and Squad C. The player’s initial roster allocation is based on merit as decided on by the coaching staff. The fluid system allows for player movement from squad to squad.
● Off court fitness sessions at Sport Manitoba Fitness Centre. Indoor training sessions will be at Taylor Tennis.
● We are currently in the planning stages for a 4 province, Davis Cup format tournament in July or August. BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan will participate.

Provincial Team Coaching Staff:

Jared Connell – head coach,

Robert Kennedy – assistant coach,

Iverson Guan – mentor coach.

Guest coaches will participate throughout the course of the program.

Congratulations to all players involved. We look forward to seeing how you progress in the coming months!