Tennis Manitoba is accepting applications for the position of team manager for the 2013 Canada Summer Games. As per Canada Summer Games guidelines, the available position is open to female candidates.  If you are interested, please submit your resume by Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 4:00 pm C.T. 

Questions pertaining to the position can be directed to Mark Arndt, Executive Director at Tennis Manitoba.

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About the Canada Summer Games
The Canada Games are the country’s largest domestic multisport event and are the pinnacle of inter‑provincial/territorial sport competition.  The Games are held at two-year intervals, alternating between winter and summer. Participants from 13 provinces and territories join together to share the spirit of competition, demonstrate sporting excellence, and celebrate cultural diversity.

The Sherbrooke 2013 Canada Summer Games will be held in Sherbrooke, Quebec from August 2 to 17, marking the first time that Sherbrooke will host the Canada Games, as well as the first time that the Canada Summer Games will be held in the province of Quebec.

During the two-week period, over 4200 participants ranging in age from 15 to 23 will compete in 17 sports for the right to claim the Canada Games Flag for their province. Approximately 220 Paralympic and Special Olympic athletes under 30 years of age will also participate in the Games in three and two sports, respectively. The Games will provide national competitive opportunities for athletes to excel and achieve excellence in their sports.There will also be participants of the Women In Coaching Program and the Aboriginal Apprentice Coach Program attending the Games. » More games details