Manitoba players Shawn Sophasath, Maya Arksey, Stefan Barre, Reece Carter, Christopher Derksen and Ella Arksey have qualified for Outdoor Rogers Junior Nationals tournaments this summer. Here is the lineup for Team Prairies at the national competitions:

U18 (August 14-18 in Mississauga)
Coach: Marek Nehasil (SK)
Boys:Conrad Koch (SK)

U16 (August 21-26 in Gatineau)
Coach: Denise Fernandez (SK)
Boys: Shawn Sophasath (MB), Payton Nicol (SK)
Girls: Maya Arksey (MB), Morgan Waller (SK), Anya Chavez (SK)

U14 (August 29-September 4 in Mont Tremblant)
Coach: Jared Connell and Nelly Dvornicka
Boys:Stefan Barre (MB), William Preciado (SK), Van Nguyen (SK)
Girls: Reece Carter (MB), Maya Arksey (MB), Anya Chavez (SK)

U12 (August 23-29 in Mont Tremblant)
Coach: Jared Connell
Boys: Christopher Derksen (MB), Keegan Rice (SK)
Girls: Reece Carter (MB), Ella Arksey (MB), Teah Chavez (SK)