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Prairie Outdoor Regional Qualifiers results and info

Aug 25, 2021
written by: Tennis Manitoba
written by: Tennis Manitoba
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The first of two Prairie Outdoor Regional Qualifiers took place this past weekend in Saskatoon at the Riverside Badminton and Tennis Club. Congratulations to all the Manitobans that made the trip! Our young players did Tennis Manitoba proud. Here are the results:

BS 12
1    Arya Guha [1]

2    Sneh Vyas

3    Ethan Yichen Guo

4    Xinghao Yin

BS 14
1    Volodymyr Gurenko [1]

2    Jacob Yee [2]

3    Michael Liu

4    Arya Guha [4]

BS 16
1    Volodymyr Gurenko [3]

2    Ben Mayes [2]

3    Michael Liu

3/4    Magnus Enrico Abecendari Gnilo [1]

BS 18
1    Harry Lin [1]

2    Magnus Enrico Abecendari Gnilo [2]

3    Ben Mayes

4    Jacob Yee

GS 12
1    Isabella Ruyu Yan [1]

2    Ma. Samantha Alexandra Gnilo

3    Natalina Zappia

4    Mariya Gedz [2]

GS 14
1    Jana Van Niekerk

2    Isabella Ruyu Yan

3    Ma. Samantha Alexandra Gnilo

4    Natalina Zappia

GS 16
1    Jeslyn Peng

2    Jana Van Niekerk

The second Prairie Outdoor Regional Qualifier takes place in Winnipeg this weekend (Aug. 26-29) at the Tennis Manitoba Hub @ Deer Lodge featuring 42 players across eight events. You can find all of the event info here. Come down this weekend and support the best junior players the prairies have to offer as they battle for spots to go to nationals!