A total of 20 players participated in the Deer Lodge Junior Classic – 15 from Manitoba, two from Saskatchewan, two from BC and one from Alberta. The tournament was held August 2-5 at Deer Lodge Tennis Club. Here are the final results:

Tier 1 Boys’ U12 Singles round-robin: 1st Raajan Mann, 2nd Ben Mayes
Tier 2 Co-ed U12 Singles round-robin: 1st Ava Lockhart, 2nd Noah Wenzel
Tier 1 Boys’ U14 Singles final: Stefan Barre def. Arjan Mann 7-6, 6-3
Tier 1 Girls’ U14 Singles round-robin: 1st Elinor Shpunt, 2nd Kaitlyn Challis
Tier 1 Co-ed U14 Doubles round-robin: 1st Ben Mayes/Wells Mayes, 2nd Kaitlyn Challis/Brianna Lockhart
Tier 1 Boys’ U16 Singles round-robin: 1st Rylan Hastings, 2nd Arjan Mann
Tier 1 Girls’ U16 Singles round-robin: 1st Elinor Shpunt, 2nd Mary Yowin
Tier 2 Co-ed U16 Singles final: Mary Yowin def. Owen Piper 6-0, 6-0