2012 Rogers Outdoor Junior National Championships

Tennis Manitoba is proud to be sending select high performance juniors to 2012 Outdoor Junior Nationals these next few weeks. U12s include David Krowiak and Shawn Sophasath. U16s include Connor Davies and Kylie Waschuk. And U18s includes Shane Nicholls. 

This is the first Nationals for Shawn and Connor. Kylie is going with the most Nationals experience and with a solid season of preparation having just completed the Western Canadian Junior ITF Circuit, which had stops in Edmonton, Vancouver, and wrapped up in Winnipeg. Connor and Shane also participated in Winnipeg’s U18 ITF tournament in preparation for Nationals. 
For Shane, this Nationals holds more sentimentality than others: it’s Shane’s final year of junior eligibility. He’s already topped the year off by winning Boys U18 at the Manitoba Junior Open earlier in the summer. So here’s to his and the whole team’s growth and success!

Interestingly, the majority of the junior categories for the outdoor national tournaments are played on clay. Clay is an increasingly popular international surface. Tennis Canada intentionally includes clay as one of its surfaces for what it offers in terms of a player’s greater all round development, injury prevention and longevity and integration into the professional arena. Clay courts can be found in Winnipeg at one of Tennis Manitoba’s member clubs, Taylor Tennis Club.

2012 Rogers Outdoor Junior National Championships schedule:
  • Jul 29-Aug 4: U12 Rogers Outdoor Junior Nationals, Mont Tremblant, QC
  • Aug 5-10: U18 Rogers Outdoor Junior Nationals, Mississauga, ON
  • Aug 6-12: U14 Rogers Outdoor Junior Nationals, Mont Tremblant, QC
  • Aug 14-19: U16 Rogers Outdoor Junior Nationals, Laval, QC
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