We are excited to announce the finalized schedule for the 2022 Indoor Fischer Junior Nationals which will be held on the following dates and locations. All are subject to change based on Provincial health and travel restrictions at the time).

  • U16 Junior Nationals: March 23 – 29, Montreal, QC, Club de Tennis Ile des Soeurs

  • U12 Junior Nationals: March 26 – April 1, Vancouver, BC, UBC Tennis Center

  •  U18 Junior Nationals: March 31 – April 7. Toronto, ON, Aviva Center

  • U14 Junior Nationals: April 3 – 9, Calgary, AB, Osten & Victor Tennis Center

Further details regarding the Tennis Canada Fischer Indoor Junior Nationals will be released over the coming weeks.

Saskatchewan & Manitoba = Team Prairies

For all Junior Nationals, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have 3 spots combined (for each age group and gender. Example: U12 – 3 boys and 3 girls, same for U14, U16, and U18). Together, we are TEAM PRAIRIES.

Qualifying Format for Players from Team Prairies
Two indoor nationals qualifying tournaments will be held in Feb & Mar 2022. The tournaments are closed to players that are not residents of SK or MB. The two tournaments are as follows:

Feb 18-20      Manitoba Indoor Junior Closed        Winnipeg Winter Club        Winnipeg,MB

Mar 4 – 6      Sask Indoor Junior Closed        Lakewood Indoor Tennis     Saskatoon, SK

Combined results from both qualifying tournaments listed above will determine which players qualify for the 2022 indoor nationals. Previous Rogers Rankings points will not be used to determine who qualifies for the 2022 indoor junior nationals, however, Rogers Rankings points will be awarded and be used for the 2022 outdoor nationals qualification process. Rogers Ranking points will only be used to determine seedings for these two indoor qualifying events.

There will not be a doubles category.

MORE INFO: Comp_Qualifiers_and_Nationals_Indoor_Process_Feb